A Mattress Protector Guide

A Mattress Protector Guide

In addition to a good mattress, getting a mattress protector is quite essential. A mattress protector protects your mattress from moisture, keep bugs and allergens off and helps you stay cool and comfortable at night.

However, most people complain that mattress protectors make them hot at night. If you have the same opinion, then you should get a cooling mattress protector.

This article will show you why you should get a mattress protector, how to buy a mattress protector and why a cooling mattress protector is good for you.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a removable mattress cover put on a mattress to insure it against dirt, bugs, spills, allergies and stains. 

Some materials used in the production of mattress protectors can make the user uncomfortable and hot.  For instance, vinyl causes a protector to overheat in the night. However, a cooling mattress protector can prevent that. It is breathable, and cooling. Most cooling protectors use natural materials like bamboo, organic cotton and Tencel.

What to look for when buying a mattress protector

You may want to know how to buy a mattress protector. Like, what do you need to look out for before getting one?

  • Material

Cover material

Before you decide on a particular cooling mattress protector, check out the material with which it is made. The following are great materials for a cooling mattress protector:

  • Cotton

If you want to sleep cool, cotton is a great option for you. Go for a protector with organic cotton. Cotton is breathable and highly absorbent, which make it really cool.

  • Tencel

Tencel is derived from wood pulp of trees like Oak and Eucalyptus. Tencel is more breathable and absorbent than cotton and bamboo. Due to its water-loving nature, it absorbs and retains moisture well. It is also soft and smooth and is a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

III. Bamboo

Bamboo is gotten from the cellulose of bamboo wood. It is also very breathable and has moisture-wicking abilities. It has a silky-smooth characteristics which makes it great as a cooling mattress protector.

-Base Material

You should also check what the base of your mattress protector is. Some have waterproof properties (for instance, vinyl, polyurethane). While vinyl can make a mattress protector feel hot, a polyurethane prevents that.

  1. Customer reviews

Customer reviews can also guide you on how to buy a mattress protector. What are customers saying about it? Check for online customer reviews before buying that protector.

  1. Price

Mattress protector have varying prices. Some are cheap and some are expensive. You get what you pay for. While cheap cooling mattress protectors are not necessarily bad (some are effective), many of them are made from cheap materials which won’t give you your desire.

However, note that it is expensive does not mean it’s of more quality. Generally, a cooling mattress protector will be more expensive than a regular one because of the cooling technology invested in it.

  1. Return Policy and Warranty

Go for a mattress protector with a good return policy and warranty. A good return policy will give a minimum of thirty days free trial in which you can return the product for a full refund. A good mattress protector will have a minimum of three to five years warranty.


A good mattress protector should be able to keep your mattress from spills, stains, moisture and bugs. It should also not overheat in the night. That’s why it’s essential to get a cooling mattress protector.

And as to how to buy a mattress protector, consider the materials (cover and base) a protector is made of, the price, customer reviews and the warranty it has.