Deliverable Title: Keep Yourself Safe With Unique Password Security Questions

Deliverable Title Keep Yourself Safe With Unique Password Security Questions

Password security questions are designed to keep your information safe on the internet. However, some of the default questions that pop up can be easy for hackers to guess correctly or may be easy to look up quickly. So, what questions should you avoid using to keep yourself safe on the internet? Read on as we go over a few ways to protect your sensitive information.

Date of Birth

Your birthday, unfortunately, is not confidential information. So, anyone can quickly find this information with just a simple internet search. It may even be listed on some of your social media accounts. So, think twice before using this information for a password security question.

Mother’s Maiden Name

Like your birthday, your mother’s maiden name is not confidential information, either. As such, someone can easily find this information and hack into your account if you use it for a security question. Even if many people don’t know your mother’s maiden name, avoid using this information to protect your accounts.

Astronomical Sign

As soon as someone finds out your birth date, they also know your astronomical sign. That said, even if they don’t know your birth date, there are only 12 signs to guess before one is correct.

Favorite Sports Team

Your favorite sports team is probably something you talk about or refer to often. You may even regularly post about them on your social media accounts. That said, it’s probably not hard to find this information, so using this as an answer to a password security question is not a smart decision.


You may not talk about your hometown all too often, so it may be okay to use this as a password security question. However, if you still live in the same town or refer to it often, you’ll want to avoid using this question to keep your accounts safe.

Favorite Color

Colors are not a wise answer to choose for security questions. Most people say that their favorite color is red, blue, green, purple, or black. So, as you can imagine, it’s almost effortless to guess a color until it comes up correctly.

Keep Your Accounts Protected

Everyone wants to keep their personal information and accounts safe. Luckily, there are many ways you can protect yourself and keep hackers out of your accounts. Check out this list of tips to follow.

  • Write your own security questions if you can
  • Avoid using opinions, since your views may change
  • Choose questions you can answer quickly
  • Pick questions that other people won’t know or guess

One other way you can stay safe is by using PeopleFinders to perform a people search. When you do this, you can find out what is considered public knowledge and see what other people can quickly find out about you.


Keeping your personal accounts safe on the internet is critical. So, if you want to protect yourself, follow our tips and avoid these security question answers. Also, don’t forget to look up your public information using PeopleFinders to reveal what others can see about you.