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Essential features to look for while buying a flat

Selecting the right and best flat for you can be a challenging task. There are hundreds of flats available in the market that vary in price and other factors. Some important factors to consider are the locality, type of property, construction, building amenities, etc. Not just these, there are many other important factors that you need to be aware of before buying the flat. Here are some important factors to look for when buying a 1 bhk flats for rent in Pune.

Location: Location is the most important factor that determines whether you will get a good or bad deal. It is very important as depending on the location you will be getting a better deal in terms of location and financial benefits. The cost per square foot should not be too high and also one must be careful about the cost of other services such as electricity etc.

Approval: Approval from various authorities is another thing that impacts the price of flats in the Pune region. Take care of it. Also, note that the flat should be rent-free for a few years before you start paying for it. This is one way of obtaining a good deal.

Construction: The construction and the quality of the flat should be good and not outdated or used. Also, check these things: whether the building has been constructed following the building regulations, whether there are no encroachments on public utilities, and so on. Otherwise, this will affect your money problems later on in life.

Building amenities: Also check these amenities in case they are essential to have or not (Example: No flooring laying coming out when they pour concrete in the flats). Also, look at the building exterior to know if it is well maintained by the builders.

Type of Flats: There are different types of flats. Some are high-rise and some are low-rise. The main deciding factor is whether you will get an apartment or a house. You should choose one depending on your needs and requirements. Types of flats include;

  •  1A (one bedroom),
  • 1B (two bedroom),
  • 2B (three-bedroom), etc.

Minimum Budget: You will find many flat buyers who consider spending a relatively lower amount for buying a flat as a good thing to do in terms of saving money in the long run but this is not always true. The right thing to do is to get a good quality flat for the minimum budget that suits you. In some cases, you can consider getting more and spending less. After all, if you are after a good flat, you should not mind even spending more.

Construction Details: Check out the construction details of the apartment. To know whether it’s nicely built or not. Also, note that there could be some work pending in the case of construction companies and so on.

Elevator Access: Check out whether the flat that you are going to buy has an elevator or not. This will help you in carrying the luggage without much of a problem. The best thing would be to buy a direct access flat as there will be no problem with carrying the luggage inside the flat itself.

Price: Price is one of the most important factors to consider for buying a flat in the Delhi NCR region. Depending on your budget and the locality, you should try and get a good deal for yourself. Also, note that there could be some new projects coming up so it’s not always good to be in a hurry when looking out for purchasing flats.

Rent: You should check out the rent of the flats as it will help you in understanding the rent value of that particular locality. Also, check to know whether the quality and price match your requirements or not. In case they do not match, you should find another flat that suits your requirements. This is very important as if you fail to understand this, you will end up spending more money on paying for the rent.

Parking: Make sure that it has parking facilities within the complex or else one must have a car parking space assigned to him or her. Even if there are no parking facilities, you should not think about buying a flat as carrying vehicles outside can be a difficult task in such areas.

Construction Year: Check out the construction year of the flat and that too about the quality of construction. Also, check for any pending work in case it’s incomplete or unfinished. Also, there might be a need to find a new apartment as per your requirements so you should be ready for such a situation to occur too.

Facilities & Amenities: Note that all flats don’t have the same facilities and amenities so it’s not only about buying what’s available but also about buying what you need and prefer. Check out whether the flat has an emergency facility and so on or not.

Flat Availability: Check out if they are available or not in case you want to buy them at present. Also, check out their price and renovation issues. Also note that if you are looking for an apartment just for a few months, you should not get more than one flat at a time as the maintenance will become difficult for the owner to handle when the number of tenants increases.


As you have read this short article, you must be able to understand why it is important to buy a good and nice flat in the Pune region. All of this very important information helps one in getting an idea and good flat that suits him or her best. These points and factors can help buy flats, especially in the Pune region.Buying a house is one of the biggest steps in your life, however, you must remember each of these points before you seal the deal. Stanzalivingis the best flat to buy.