What is a BIW Fixture Design Course?


In the industry of automotive engineering, BIW (Body in White) is a terminology used to refer to the vehicle’s sheet metal welded structure or the body shell. 

Automotive BIW is made up of steel and aluminium alloy (e.g., AUDI A8).

The sub-parts of an automobile, such as the Underbody, Bodyside, Left Hand Side/ Right Hand Side, Front End, Roof etc., gets welded together by various metal joining process, e.g., resistance spot welding, Laser welding, and MIG welding to make the welded metal shell, Fender, Bonnet called Body in White.

Automotive car shells made before painting are called Body in White. BIW joinery decides the exterior and interior look of any car.

  • All interior Parts (Commonly used in Automotive), e.g, Dashboard, Trim, Roof Liners, and Seats, are mounted on the BIW shell with the help of various brackets or nuts mounted on BIW.  
  • All the Exterior components, such as Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, and Fender LH/RH Side Mirrors, are mounted on the BIW shell with the help of various brackets or mounting systems. 

In the automotive/automobile industry, the exterior appearance of the car matters a lot, and it defines the style of the car.

Who is BIW Fixture designer Engineer

BIW Fixture designer Engineer works with a product designer, process planner and dies designer. They are responsible for helping product designers decide on the PLP. They also work with the process planner to finalize the cycle time.

If you are someone who wants to pursue your career as a BIW Fixture designer Engineer, then certain courses will help you find your way. Below are mentioned some of the institutions and BIW design courses to clarify your choice.

BIW Fixture Design Courses

  • Post Graduate Program in BIW Fixture and Plastic Design by skill Lync

This course by Skill Lync will help you become a professional BIW Fixture Design Engineer. The course will teach you powerful design methods and knowledge about industry-grade software to work on your designs. You will get in-depth knowledge of metal sheet designing in automobile engineering and the manufacturing of plastic components.

This postgraduate course particularly focuses on the fundamentals and advanced aspects of BIW Fixture Design and Plastic Design. The course features various sessions covering metal sheet design, hood design, and mold design.

The best part of this course is that you will get to work on industry-grade projects after completing each course. These projects are provided to strengthen the foundation of your career and build a portfolio.

  • Certified Career Program in BIW Fixture Design using CATIA V5 by IFS Academy

The IFS Academy, in association with ADVENT ToolTech, is conducting a BIW Fixture Design course using CATIA V5 in Pune. The course is for students who wish to make their career in Automotive Product Designing.

This course is specially designed for students who have just completed their diploma/ B.E. Mechanical Engineers and CAD Working Professionals who wish to start their career in Automotive/ BIW Fixture Design.

This course’s speciality will train the students to use CATIA Software on modules like Part modelling, Sketcher, Assembly, Drafting / Detailing, Surfacing and Sheet Metal. 

After finishing the course, students undergo three months of extensive industrial training on BIW Fixture Design on live industrial projects.

  • BIW Fixture Design Course by M CAD Solutions.

M CAD Solutions offer the course. The duration of this course is 2 months, and the tuition fee for the same is Rs. 24 000.

The course will provide the students with expert trainers and a real-time learning experience. The students will receive the best practical assignments to mold their fundamentals and polish their skills as BIE Fixture Designers.


The future for any field of automotive design is bright because the technology goes way ahead in the future, and the demand for the same is never-ending. So, having to pursue a career in a field like this is always rewarding. Just be sure that your heart lies in this field. If it’s something that you don’t have any interest in, then you should not pursue this. The position of any automotive design engineer or even a BIW Fixture Design Engineer is very hard. The continuous grind to deliver the designs and products to meet the demands and needs of the customer is tough. As a creative person, your brain gets drained, leaving you with no ideas. But don’t worry; a short break can fix everything. This article will give you clarity on what BIW Design is and what are the courses in BIW Fixture Design.