People Magazine Investigates: five chilling details concerning Betty Gore’ death

Betty Gore' death

Betty Gore’ death: In June 1980, Betty Gore was viciously dead in her Wylie, Texas, home by her neighbor associate degreed best friend, Candy Montgomery, who was allegedly having an affair with the husband of the cheerful mother-of-two. Montgomery claimed that her actions were in self defense once Gore attacked her with an ax following an fracas because of the alleged affair.

Candy Montgomery later testified throughout the following high-profile, contentious trial that Betty initial came at her with the ax, however she had yanked it out of her friend’ hands and killed her by repeatedly hanging her. She was guiltless of all charges.

On Monday, folks Magazine Investigates can return the grotesque details of Betty Gore’ horrific murder story that occurred over four decades ago. The episode titled Candy and Betty will air on ID on Sept 5, 2022, at 9:00 pm ET.

this text will discuss chilling details regarding the case before the episode premiere.

Five bone-chilling facts about Betty Gore’s 1980 ax murder

1) Betty Gore was axed 41 times by her best friend Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery was close to leave the room, attempting to create an escape throughout her fracas with Betty Gore. the 2 allegedly battled for the ax that Gore wont to at first threaten Montgomery. According to the latter’ court testimony, the victim didn’t permit her to flee even when she smitten her within the head, that caused significant bleeding.

However, it absolutely was solely after Betty’ shushing that Candy became angry and got all defensive, and snatched the ax from her friend’ hand. She then struck her forty-one times, out of which twenty eight were aimed toward her head.

Candy Montgomery testified throughout the trial, saying,

“I didn’t think. I raised it and I hit her, and I hit her, and I hit her and I hit her.”

2) Candy reportedly cleaned up in Betty’s bathroom after the incident

in step with reports, Candy Montgomery rinsed the blood off herself in the victim’ house before departure to continue regarding her everyday affairs. She testified whereas on the stand throughout her trial that she had a shower at the Gore residence before departure while Betty’ baby was still upstairs, crying within the crib.

when turning into contemporary garments at home, she headed to the church to attend Bible college together with her children and Gores’ elder girl before having lunch with friends. Montgomery additionally discarded the remains of the footwear she was carrying when she dead Gore.

3) Betty Gore’s next-door neighbors discovered the bloody crime scene

Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, 2 of Gore’ neighbors, discovered her body in conjunction with the bloody crime scene at her house. the 2 reportedly went over to the Gores residence when receiving calls from Allan Gore, Betty’ husband, who grew involved regarding her whereabouts when she didn’t come his calls.

The crime scene, in step with Gayler, was the foremost horrific factor he had ever witnessed. He remembered noticing ax marks as high because the roof and blood everywhere the place. Lester additionally recalled seeing Montgomery the subsequent day and explicit that she appeared unaffected by the events.

4) Revelations of an illicit affair led to Betty Gore’s brutal death

Gore’ murder sent the Wylie, Texas, community into a frenzy. Betty was unmercifully slaughtered with 41 ax blows by a girl who claimed to be her best friend, Candy Motgomery. Authorities at first didn’t take into account Montgomery a potential suspect within the atrocious murder case.

Nonetheless, it did not take them long to spot her because the prime suspect when Betty’ husband told authorities about his illict affair that happened behind the victim’ back. the 2 met in hotels. Their romance, however, came to a stop when the Gores had their second child. Montgomery quickly relinquished to authorities ahead of a befuddled crowd of residents.

5) Betty Gore’s body was awfully mutilated

Betty’ lifeless body was discovered within the utility space of her house. Her blood much coated each single in. of the room. The victim’ body was horrifyingly mutilated, associate degreed 1/2 her face was destroyed. in step with reports, an ax was discovered getting ready to her body.

associate degree autopsy eventually confirmed that Betty had been smitten with the ax forty-one times. Despite the killer’ best efforts, she (Candy Montgomery) was unable to take in the blood-stained crime scene.