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Follow these steps and become an Instagram influencer

A few years after the development of one of the most popular social media platforms Facebook new social network called Instagram had appeared on the scene. Since the development of Instagram, back in 2010, the mobile applications managed to raise its popularity to an enormous extent. The mobile application prides itself with more than 1 billion active users on a monthly basis and this number of visitors is rapidly increasing.

Moreover, many people started to use the platform as a source to start new careers as influencers. In general influencers are well recognizable people by their massive followers’ count. Usually those people that have the powers to affect have thousands, even millions followers. However you might be thinking if it is possible for you’re to become an influencer and even if you have a basic audience you may need to buy followers on Instagram in order to expand your network. In this blog we have collected a few tested methods that can help you to gain more followers and become an influencer. 

  1. Focus on determining what your audience you would like to reach. Once you start growing your followers’ base, you should pay attention to what type of content they are more likely to engage with. When you learn more about your audience you will be able to serve them better which in long terms will lead to a high engagement rate and Instagram algorithm always rank higher users with good engagement rate. You should also start collecting data regarding your followers’ interests and also interact with them in order to make your audience feel special and appreciated.
  2. It is of vital importance to be consistent on Instagram. In order to increase your online presence and with your followers in mind you have to make a schedule. For example you can post once or twice a week, however it is recommended to upload Instagram stories on a daily basis, because this feature is considered to be one of the most engaging methods of keeping your followers’ interest on your Instagram profile. If your Instagram story has reached lots of people, then it will appear on the Discovery page on Instagram.
  3. Add hashtags and location to your uploads and be discovered by many. The usage of hashtags is the key of being noticed on Instagram, because when you add relevant hashtags to your uploads, they are being categorized and your content might be found by thousands of people that are seeking for a specific topic or content. Instagram allows its users to add up to 32 keywords (hashtags); however the users should add hashtags that correspond with their niche in order to reach the right audience. It is also recommended to do some research on what types of keywords are being searched for your niche and industry.
  4. Work alongside with other influencers, brands and companies. One of the most effective methods of reaching new people that could possibly become your followers is by collaborating with others. However, the main idea is to find the right businesses or influencers that are related to your own niche. By collaborating with people, similar to you and your branch, you will reach their audience that will be definitely interested in you, because your Instagram profile will be similar to what they like. However it is really important to share a message that would touch the audience of whoever you are collaborating with. For example you can run a giveaway or host an interesting live video. 


Influencers on Instagram are people that have an impact and influence over their audience and they have the ability to spread a message worldwide. In this piece of article we have learned some really useful tips that can benefit you a lot and can make you popular on Instagram, which in other words mean that you have the chance to become an Instagram influencer.